Business Development

Taking your design from art to part. Together we’ll create it and make it.

Intellectual Property and Freedom to Operate Review

With our medical device knowledge base, we are able to review the competitive landscape from an engineering perspective. We can help you identify features that can aid to differentiate your design from your competition or help identify areas of protection for your valuable intellectual property.

Detangling the Competitive Landscape

Understanding the competition is quite a feat in this niche medical device market. We talk directly to the end users, the doctors, to complete our analysis and make sure your device is innovative in this competitive landscape. With our combination we are able to help you create a product that exceeds or stands up to the competition.

Doctor Design

Understanding the customer, the doctor, is what we do best. The normal method of product design comes from the doctors to the marketing department and flowing down to engineering. The same thought goes the other way. Both ways are like playing a game of telephone where things are lost in translation. We eliminate the middle ground by setting up our engineers with the our customers, the doctors.

Idea Incubation

Need to house your idea at a virtual company? Long gone are the days of brick and mortar companies and doing everything from scratch; finding a building, finding a team, building a cleanroom, creating a quality system, buying equipment, and doing this all before getting a product to market. Why not head to M4D LLC where we have all these things for you?

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